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Plastic Surgery and Drug Rehabilitation

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A new company starting out in Newport Beach, California would be an interesting one to follow. This drug rehab company is supposed to be about to revolutionize the way treatment is provided to clients. The theory is that rather than just making a Google search and ending up in a facility that may not suit the patient, they take a more consultative approach and find the center that best fits the client. There is some interesting overlap with our business and theirs. Oftentimes young people especially want to clean up their lives and start afresh with a new look (or to repair the ravages of substance abuse).

Many of the best treatment centers in the United States are found on the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. The reason is simple, the ambience of the ocean helps in the healing process. Orange County, CA is one of the most desirable regions – with a number of in patient and out patient facilities in from Huntington Beach to San Clemente. Malibu is also another prominent city for rehabilitation.


Below is an article about the British actress Daniella Westbrook (above) who is one such example of the type of patient we would expect to be referred from rehab providers.

Nose Repair Story from UK.