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Beauty Haven

About Us

At Beauty Haven, we provide safe cosmetic surgery procedures and counselling sessions.

Our Team and principles

Our team provides intimate and caring facilities for everyone who is considering going under the knife. Part of our goal is to make all our clients feel comfortable and calm during treatment procedures and gain that confidence and satisfaction after the procedure and counselling sessions.

Dr Peter Hammonds established the Beauty Haven in 1998. Our licensed surgeons are fully accredited and have proper licensing and certification. We can provide you our full credentials when you visit our clinic and wellness center.


Our Philosophy

Here in Beauty Haven, we have built a personal and caring atmosphere to provide everyone the best operating facilities for our clients. Our priority is to make sure we provide the safest procedure to our clients. In line with this, we will discuss the pros and cons of taking certain procedures. We want our clients to fully understand the decisions they about to make and we will recommend the best treatment for their case.

Your Teen and Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for young teens to wish for the same surgery as their parents and older siblings. We are sensitive to this and will deal with your teen’s concerns gently and with full disclosure to parents (as far as the law allows). Privacy of course is upheld at all times.

Ultimate Discretion

We have negotiated special fixed rates with Orange County limo service Monarch Limousines to offer a discreet service before and after surgery. This service has been used for LA celebs who prefer to travel outside of LA and Hollywood in order to remain out of the public eye.


We invite everyone to visit Beauty Haven to meet our well-rounded team. Our friendly staff will surely take care of all your queries. Call us or email us and set an appointment now!